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custom defender d110 should soon visit the palisades with red brembos and ls3 1

Custom Defender D110 Should Soon Visit The Palisades With Red Brembos and LS3

We have no idea if this Full Gloss Santorini Black E.C.D.-reworked Land Rover Defender D110 has decided to have an adventure on the Hudson River Palisades, but we feel the steep cliffs and stiff build have a few tough traits in common. Such as the legendary status of being a U.S. natural hallmark and worldwide automotive icon, for starters. But with E.C.D. there’s always more than meets the eye.

real 65 shelby 427 cobra competition stops by jay leno s while fleeing wildfire 1

Real ’65 Shelby 427 Cobra Competition Stops By Jay Leno’s While Fleeing Wildfire

Just 23 examples of Carroll Shelby’s AC Cobra were produced in true Competition specification according to Jay Leno, and this black unit is a true survivor on its own – landing in the famous TV presenter and car aficionado’s garage for a quick respite from the devastating California wildfires. Naturally, it’s also the perfect opportunity for a quick presentation and even a street drive with the roaring 427 cu in unsettling everything in its path.

audi rs q8 gets prescribed the manhart treatment hosts 887 hp 1

Audi RS Q8 Gets Prescribed the Manhart Treatment, Hosts 887 HP

It goes without saying that Audi’s RS Q8 is a showstopper in every sense of the word. Besides packing some seriously ruthless power in its engine bay, this glorious piece of German machinery is also, quite simply, one hot four-wheeled behemoth. In fact, let’s take a second to remind ourselves about a few of its main specs and features.