After 2025 Norway Will Only Allow New Electric Vehicles

Norway shows a red card to petrol and diesel engine cars. From 2025, in the Scandinavian country, you can register only vehicles with electric drive.

The leading country in electromobility in the world will take another step forward in the coming years and fully orient to the electric drive. From 2025, Norway will only sell vehicles with electricity. It is expected the parliament to approve this plan. Currently, one in four newly registered vehicles in the kingdom runs on electricity and electric vehicles account for three percent of the total fleet of territory from Oslo to Kirkenes.
Besides cars, electric bicycles will also reach a larger share of traffic in order to reduce air pollution by harmful substances. Traffic plan for the period between 2018 and 2029 predicts investing one billion euros in building a network of bike paths, although uneven terrain configuration and long winter nights aren’t perfect for cycling in the Scandinavian country. By 2030, emissions from transport will be reduced by half compared to the current situation. In addition, it is planned to the use of cars not to be intensified further by 2030.

For the first time, electro mobility plans are included trucks. In 2030, all delivery vehicles and 75 percent of tourist buses will run on electricity, either battery-powered or powered by hydrogen. By this time, half of the trucks will also switch to electric drive. Ships are not excluded too. In the next 14 years, forty percent of short-haul vessels will have to switch to biofuel or plant with low or zero-emission.
Norway intends to realize this project, despite the reduction of benefits for drivers of electric cars. State subsidies in the first place will remain at the current level, but they will gradually decrease over the years. The same will apply to urban tolls, which will start to charge for electric vehicles too. Currently, these vehicles can use free parking lots.

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