1960 chevrolet impala with super turbo thrust v8 is worth 137k 1

1960 Chevrolet Impala with Super Turbo Thrust V8 Is Worth $137K

Chevy models of this family coming from the 1960s are all the craze today. We’ve seen countless examples changing hands for big bucks over the past year, despite the different types of crises that have plagued our world. And here’s another, a perfect find to feature as part of carstoofast’s special Chevrolet Month coverage.

just 12 ac cobras will intertwine le mans heritage with performance ev future 1

Just 12 AC Cobras Will Intertwine Le Mans Heritage With Performance EV Future

AC Cars have become world-famous thanks to Carroll Shelby’s genius idea to marry the British Ace two-seater sports roadster with Ford’s small-block V8 – thus creating the AC Shelby Cobra. With more history than one can write about in just a few words, there’s no surprise an entire world is eagerly awaiting the next chapter, laid down with the impending arrival of the “Series 1 Electric.”