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Hey, Wanna Wreck a Corvette?

Hey, Wanna Wreck a Corvette?

Hillbillies have Internet and they saw the Giugiaro Parcour concept! They really seem to like the idea of having an off-road supercar and since the concept hasn’t been produced yet, they decided to make their own version, with tractor wheels and moonshine holders.

However, things got carried away a bit, and the end result looks like an insult to General Motors and we’re pretty sure Larry Shinoda also looks with disapproval towards this monstrosity from up there where he must be.

Chevrolet corvette
chevrolet corvette 2

The atrocity you see in the video above was basically a 1974 Chevrolet Corvette C3, probably one of those last ones fitted with a true dual exhaust system that was dropped in 1975 along with the introduction of the catalytic converters.

Yeah, we know those were not the most powerful Corvettes of the period, but still, they look a lot better on the street than riding high in the mud having a chassis borrowed from truck and huge wheels.

But what can you do; if we have carriage-like donks drove by “playas” risking to tumble them over at the slightest turn, why not see the same setup in the south, only having beefier wheels and an all-wheel-drive system. At least these are a bit more practical for the off-road.

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