One killed, 7 injured in Abu Dhabi car accident

One person was killed, 7 others were injured, and 4 vehicles were damaged due to excessive speeding, not abiding by traffic rules, and not leaving enough distance between vehicles in Abu Dhabi.

The collision occurred between two vehicles, causing the front vehicle to be pushed forward to run over the victim and injure the others.

The driver of the vehicle causing the accident was referred to the Public Prosecution with others and then to the criminal trial on charges of accidentally causing the death of the victim due to his negligence and violation of the law.

The Public Prosecution also charged him with driving fast, exceeding the speed limit, and not adhering to traffic rules.

The court of First Instance ruled that the suspect be imprisoned for 6 months and fined him Dhs5,000. The court also ordered the suspension of his driving licence for 3 months as of the date of the ruling and obligated him to pay the legal blood money Dhs200,000 to the heirs of the victim besides the case fees.

The suspect appealed the verdict, and the Appellate Court amended the jail term to one month, and upheld the remaining sentences.

He appealed the judgment a second time, but the Supreme Federal Court rejected his appeal.

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