Porsche Taycan in Le Mans Safety Guise Looks More Like a Cop Car

It’s unclear at this point when (or if) we’ll have our first proper endurance race for electric cars. There are efforts being made towards this end, but the truth is it will probably be a while before we get to see EVs going around a track for an entire day.

So, no full-electric Le Mans, Sebring, or Daytona for now, but we’re getting there. After all, didn’t Toyota for instance snatched the win in the TS050 hybrid last year?

Until that time comes though, we’ll have to make do with short outings of the EVs currently on the market. Porsche’s Taycan, for instance, is getting ready for track duty at Le Mans this weekend, disguised as a safety car.

We’re talking of course about one of the most potent Taycans in the bunch, the Turbo, which has been specially prepared for its duties by receiving the proper livery and a light bar up top, in a combination that makes it look more like a European cop car.

The Taycan will have it’s moment under the spotlight in France just before the actual 24 hours race kicks-off. It is then when, for 45 minutes, an army of 911 GT3s will descend upon the tarmac for 45 minutes of racing as part of the Porsche Carrera Cup.

That means the electric car would be pacing a variety of the 911 bred for the racetrack, powered by 4.0-liter engines capable of sending 485 hp of power and 480 Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

As a side note, and an interesting one at that, all the GT3s were shipped to France by trucks. The Taycan safety car, on the other hand, arrived there by road, taking the long, hard way.

Le Mans is taking place this weekend after being postponed from June. Initially, organizers said the rescheduled race would be open to spectators who already had a ticket, but in August it was decided that a closed-door event would be better suited to the current situation in Europe.

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