Slammed Porsche Taycan Rendering Looks Extra Thicc

A Porsche Taycan stanced to hell and back – we all knew this sort of aftermarket development was coming. And while the stunt that now occupies our screens is a mere rendering, things won’t stop here.

To start with, this pixel portrait showcases a Zuffenhausen EV that’s all about the wheel gap. To be more precise, this Porscha has been gifted with custom wheels, whose massive lips barely clear the factory arches of the vehicle.

Of course, the centers of these three-piece units also deserve attention, since they seem to be a custom incarnation of the iconic Porsche cookie cutter wheels that became famous in the 1970s and 1980s – keep in mind that Porsche reinvented the CK wheel for the 991.2 911 Turbo S Exclusive, as we discussed back in 2017.

Digital label JDM Car Renders, which brought these images to us, also virtually gifted the electric Porsche with air suspension. Sure, the Taycan already features three-chamber air hardware that can cope with the 761 horsepower of the Turbo S, but the virtual mods we’re talking about allow the vehicle to “land” on the asphalt underneath it.

Is that an excessive amount of negative camber and are those stretched tires? These are all questions that the world of extremely stanced machines loves to raise.

Now, as you can notice in the description of the Instagram post at the bottom of the story, which showcases the digital project, the machine should get a widebody soon. And we’re curious to see how that stacks up against the one European tuner Prior Design is building.

Oh, and if you’re still not convinced that some eccentric vlogger out there is going to take a Taycan down this route, just check out this Panamera build that hit the streets of Monaco in 2016.

Now, if you’re willing to enjoy the Porsche Taycan in factory form, perhaps our track test will help – you’ll find a TLDR version in the YouTube clip below.

porsche taycan 1
porsche taycan 2
porsche taycan 3
porsche taycan 4
porsche taycan 150660 1

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