Somewhere Between a Car and a Motorcycle is this Edgy and Futuristic Tesla Model

Some concepts are meant to show off the design, while some are simply made to showcase possible technological futures. Some concepts, however, do both.

That’s precisely the case with this Tesla-branded concept. It’s called the Tesla Model C, but sadly, it has nothing to do with neither Tesla nor the Model C. Nonetheless, in the spirit of Tesla Month, it is a dream worth mentioning.

This design is the brainchild, not of one but two designers. One Drake Nolte of Canada, and Jack Donald Morris of Austria. Of which both have transportation design backgrounds, so you know some thinking went into this project.

So, what is it? Well, it’s a two-wheeled car. It’s meant to combine the distance, safety, and comfort of a vehicle with the motorcycle’s dynamics, speed, and size. Why? Simple, to decongest traffic. It makes sense to simply put everyone in smaller personal vehicles considering that most four-seat cars are occupied by one, maybe two occupants during traffic.

somewhere between a car and a motorcycle is this edgy and futuristic tesla model 5

From the start, we see the adoption of only two wheels as we would have on a motorcycle, but to sit in the vehicle, you would be positioned as if riding inside a mid-engined car. A front fork exists, but it’s quickly cut off by the steering column that juts out horizontally toward the driver. Two motorcycle-like handlebars or a flat top and bottom steering wheel are seen in the designs.

The body includes a definite futuristic design, as this is a vision for a world in the year 2030. By then, some of those Cyber Truck lines just might be seen on vehicles, albeit a bit more tasteful than on the truck.

At the rear of the EV, because you know damn well the Tesla name would be on nothing other than an EV, we can see a rear swing-arm similar to traditional motorcycles. But even though we know it’s a Tesla, nothing about the internal electronics is revealed. So, where does the car aspect come in? Only in the way the rider is positioned within the concept.

One thing that this design shows off differently than others is the windshield design. Unlike any other sort of vehicle around, here we see the windshield is built into the headrest. Now, I don’t know if’ you have or haven’t seen anything like this before, but I sure haven’t. And I do find it pretty neat.

somewhere between a car and a motorcycle is this edgy and futuristic tesla model 2

Imagine for a moment that some major manufacturer incorporates such a design into their vehicles. Most likely roadster bodied vehicles as they seem to have a similar headrest design. What would that car look like? How would you feel driving it? The only downside would be bugs smashing into your chest at 100 mph.

Now, I too have had my fair share of joyrides in sports cars, from Golf R32s to Ferraris, thanks Dad, and I’ve always found it a hassle getting in and out of these cars. It would seem that the designers feel the same way. Why? Because when you park you Model C and need to get out, the rear tire tucks underneath the body a bit causing that body to raise slightly and offering an easier position in which to get in or out of the vehicle.

Sure, it’s a far stretch from the reality we live in, but it’s concepts like these that will always spark the imagination of someone with enough financial backing and cojones, to get one really into reality.

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