first audi sport ev the 2021 rs e tron gt isn t official but we have reviews 1

The 2021 RS e-Tron GT Isn’t Official Yet, But Here Are the First Reviews

We already knew the Audi e-Tron GT was modeled by the Porsche Taycan thanks to the two companies’ connections. So, it was just a matter of time before the Ingolstadt-based automaker revealed its Audi Sport GmbH RS alternative to the all-mighty Taycan Turbo S. Shown here in prototype form, the RS e-Tron GT is being showcased as the first electric vehicle from the high-performance division… complete with early reviews!

here is the new v8 tfsi engine on the audi sq7 and sq8 3

Why Audi Replaced Diesel With a V8 TFSI Engine on the SQ7 and SQ8

The SUV has been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few decades for its practicality and comfort. But what can be better than a premium SUV like an Audi Q7 or Q8? A really fast S version of those vehicles powered by a twin-turbo TFSI V8 the likes of which we normally see on RS6 or RS7s.

audi rs q8 gets prescribed the manhart treatment hosts 887 hp 1

Audi RS Q8 Gets Prescribed the Manhart Treatment, Hosts 887 HP

It goes without saying that Audi’s RS Q8 is a showstopper in every sense of the word. Besides packing some seriously ruthless power in its engine bay, this glorious piece of German machinery is also, quite simply, one hot four-wheeled behemoth. In fact, let’s take a second to remind ourselves about a few of its main specs and features.

audi introduces its formula e race car the e tron fe04 single seater 1

Audi Launches Its Formula E Race Car: The E-Tron FE04 Single-Seater

Audi’s decision to pull its motorsport division out of endurance racing competitions it so clearly dominated seemed odd, but there was a solid reason for it: that was where the company built awareness for its diesel engines, the same ones that had gotten it into a mountain of trouble just two years ago.