Tesla Cybertruck Gets the Virtual Monster Truck Treatment

Is the Tesla Cybertruck ever going to be introduced without mentioning its unique – to put it euphemistically – design? Who knows – maybe if we stare at it for long enough, our eyeballs will become cubic and it won’t seem that weird anymore.

What it didn’t do in styling, it sure made up for in helping develop the – yet non-existent – electric pickup truck segment. We’re days away from GMC revealing the all-new and all-changed Hummer, and after that, there’s a host of other battery-powered trucks that can hardly wait to line up and take your money. Over the course of two years, the market is going to go from zero options in this segment, to maybe a dozen.

It’s hard to foresee where the Cybertruck will sit within all this. It all depends on what the rival companies do. If they manage to put a competitive product on the market – one that offers much of the Cybertruck’s range and practical abilities (not 0-60 mph) while keeping the price down – then Tesla’s upper hand may start to vanish, helped by the fact not everyone is ready to let go of their Ford F-150 for a wedge-shaped slab of steel.

Then there’s also the aspect of availability. Some manufacturers might now build their electric pickups in high enough volumes, fearing the market isn’t yet ready and giving birth to a self-fulfilling prophecy in the process. If that happens, buyers might not be left with much of an option, which is good news for Tesla and its Texas plant.

Or maybe the public is readier to adopt this radical design than we all think, and if you look at the current reservations for the vehicle, it’s not an easily dismissible possibility. Either way, it does show a way in which you generate a lot of press without the need of a PR department, something Tesla’s been very good at. Even though it hasn’t always been favorable press.

The rendering we have here was created by Shubbak 3D, a company specializing in the creation of 3D models of any kind: products, food, architecture, furniture, and, of course, vehicles. Shubbak 3D could have chosen any vehicle for this monster truck conversion, and yet it went for the Tesla Cybertruck. Why? Well, normally we’d say it was because of the vehicle’s striking design, but on this occasion, it might as well be the fact that a 3D model of the Cybertruck is easier to make than one of the Koenigsegg Gemera, for instance.

Either way, they’ve come up with a pretty good result, one that proves something a lot of people have probably been suspecting: the Cybertruck makes for a very convincing monster truck. The setup imagined by Shubbak 3D suggests the vehicle is ready for some overlanding, but where we’d really like to see it is in the arena, with nothing but the sound of crushed metal and broken glass accompanying the visual carnage. That would be eerie beyond any level.

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