Z-badged models from Nissan are held in high regard by many car enthusiasts

What Do You Think Of This Stanced Nissan 350Z?

In the U.S., there’s one example that is more eye-catching than most but, to put it mildly, is bound to split opinions.

We first came across this bright green Nissan 350Z while browsing through the always-entertaining Shitty_Car_Mods section Reddit. With a quick search on Instagram, we were able to find some additional photos and videos.

Owned by Instagram user thats_gvbe, this 350Z immediately stands out because of the insane amounts of camber it has on the front and, in particular, the rear wheels. It’s part of the ‘stance’ scene where cars are given bewildering amounts of negative camber. This 350Z has so much negative camber that only the very inside edge of the tires makes contact with the road.

It’s not just the stance that makes this Nissan stand out. The Japanese sports car has been equipped with a widebody kit and also has custom front and rear bumpers and new side skirts. The wheels themselves have a chrome finish and the car appears to have been recently adorned with a bright green wrap. Before, it had a custom paint job with rainbow-colored metallic flakes.

While the modifications aren’t to our particular taste, the owner clearly loves his car and that’s all that really matters. The same can be said about the stance scene in general. It sure rubs many enthusiasts the wrong way, yer there are many people that love nothing more than aftermarket wheels and ridiculous amounts of negative camber.


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